How to Create a New Year’s Resolution You Can Commit to

Sunday, December 22, 2019

How to Create a New Year’s Resolution You Can Commit to | Lose weight. Travel more. Sleep better. Achieve work-life balance. Be a better friend. Be kinder to yourself and to others. There could be endless changes you want to add to your new year’s resolution, and all of them point to a better you. However, achieving them is not as easy as you’d like to think.

Here’s how you can create a new year’s resolution that you won’t want to abandon :-

Add Rewards Disguised as Changes

How to Create a New Year’s Resolution You Can Commit to

You want to lose weight. Why not? That could be a goal just as much as buying a little black dress is. And if you add them to your list together, they can help steer your life in the right direction. Losing weight can help you live a more social lifestyle, which will make a little black dress come in handy. And of course, you want to fit into the cutest dress you can find, so it’s best to buy it after you have shed some pounds.

Imagine Your Future Self

How to Create a New Year’s Resolution You Can Commit to

When you’re making changes in your life, it’s important that you’re making decisions that only lead to the results you want. Think of it as editing your life. You need to be ruthless and learn to say no. You don’t need that additional slice of cake. You don’t need to buy fast food when you have a couple of minutes to spare to cook. You don’t need to spend too much on eating out. Rather, you can spend on items that realize your vision for yourself. Yes, you can get that bike. Yes, you can book that flight. Yes, you can buy that face serum. And yes, you certainly can get eight hours of sleep.

Get Your Friends to Help

How to Create a New Year’s Resolution You Can Commit to

Your journey to self-improvement feels like the hardest uphill climb if you’re doing it alone. Get your friends to help you so that you will not feel lonely in the process. Note, however, that to be successful, you need the right kind of support. It’s not enough to just have anyone. If your family is shaming you for trying to lose weight, that will only take a blow on your self-esteem. Even if they think they are motivating you, they might be doing more harm than good in the process. What you need are friends who will push themselves to be better beside you, so that you will feel that your struggle is normal and not something to be ashamed of.

Recognize that You will Have Lazy Days

One lazy day does not mean you’ve already failed. What leads to failure is not getting back up from your lazy days. You could have a strong start, then have a bad day that keeps you in bed and unmotivated. If you tell yourself you have already failed at this point, you might not go back to your daily routine. But if you pick yourself back up and continue where you left off, not thinking you are starting from square one, you can make progress.

It’s not just the 1% who gets to improve themselves. You can, too, if you don’t give up after one day.

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