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Reinventing The Future: LG’s Latest Digital Signage At ISE 2024

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Reinventing The Future: LG’s Latest Digital Signage At ISE 2024  |  Company’s Innovative Solutions Enable Customers Across Diverse Industries and Sectors to Create Seamless Digitalised Spaces that Engage and Inform.

SEOUL, 30 January 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its advanced digital signage solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30 to February 2. LG will unveil its comprehensive range of display solutions tailored to the needs of retail, corporate, education and hospitality, including its Micro LED, All-in-One LED, Transparent OLED and cloud management platforms. 

Inside ISE 2024’s largest booth, the LG MAGNIT lineup of micro LED displays feature across several zones that demonstrate a different usage scene, including a digitalised control room, meeting space, luxury suite and virtual production studio. The company’s micro LED technology enables large-scale screens that can be tailored to meet customers’ specific demands and installation environments. In addition to outstanding picture quality with stunning color accuracy across a wide viewing angle, LG’s micro LED tech has undergone rigorous testing for surface flame spread and electromagnetic compatibility.  

Ideal for conference rooms, LG MAGNIT All-in-One features easy-to-access, front-mounted controls, integrated speakers and a controller for convenience and simplicity. LG’s Micro LED solutions for corporate control rooms boast large screens and continuous monitoring capabilities, while LG MAGNIT for virtual production studios delivers accurate image reproduction and compatibility with various filmmaking equipment. LG’s Micro LED displays for luxury suites leverage the Alpha 9 AI processor to provide mesmerising viewing experiences and content-optimised picture quality.  

LG’s 1,728-square-meter booth also presents ‘Kinetic LED’ for diverse settings such as shopping malls and airports. The striking installation comprises a kinetic screen measuring 3,670 x 6,100 millimeters and several large-size LED Fine Pitch (model LSBC019) displaying vibrant digital art that moves in sync with atmospheric music.  

The Luxury Suite offers exclusive cinematic viewing experiences with the 118-inch LG MAGNIT and 49-, 55- and 65-inch UHD signage solutions featuring new art gallery-inspired picture-frame bezels (offered in three elegant colors). With Apple AirPlay, guests can stream content to LG Hotel TVs, right from their iPhone or iPad, whether it’s to watch movies and shows from their favorite apps or share what’s on their Apple devices, including photos, personal videos, games and more. Guests simply scan a unique, on-screen QR code after checking in to privately and securely pair their iPhone or iPad directly to the TV in the room for the duration of their stay.  

The Corporate Zone highlights three LG MAGNIT displays: one perfect when filming CEO speeches or commercials, another that has a detachable power supply unit for use in control rooms, and the All-in-One model with embedded controller and speakers for meeting rooms. Also on show are the newly-introduced 21:9 aspect ratio, 171-inch LED All-in-One and 21:9, 105-inch LCD signage, which work well with widescreen video-conferencing platforms. These signages are also compatible with integrated solutions from LG’s partners to meet user-specific needs.  

In the Retail Zone, visitors can explore solutions that enhance the shopping experience and generate advertising revenue for store operators. LG’s various digital signage for retail boutiques, restaurants, bakeries and cafes include the 79-inch Stretch LED signage, ideal for showing brand content; Transparent OLED, which serves as a digital menu board; and LG Kiosk, which provides a convenient self-service option. The company is also illustrating the ease of selecting and playing in-store advertisements through LG DOOH Ads’ Programmatic AD feature, which optimises advertising content according to customer.  

With its thin bezels, the new 55-inch modular Transparent OLED allows for an NxN-format ‘video wall’ installation that serves as an open partition while engaging shoppers. Also, LG’s double-sided LED-LCD signage (86-inch LED and 75-inch LCD) shows off the compelling possibilities for simultaneously delivering advertisements to in-store visitors and passersby. This space also demonstrates the space-efficiency and versatility of the 37-inch stretch, and 30- and 55-inch vertical Transparent OLED displays.  

The Education Zone features a digital classroom equipped with LG CreateBoard – interactive digital boards (55 to 86 inches). Educators can easily load classes through its web browser and give students access via QR codes. An excellent choice for university film programs, the integrated solution for virtual production includes LED screens for displaying digitally-rendered backgrounds, LG CreateBoard for writing, and OLED displays for reviewing video footage.  

To enhance the customer experience, LG offers various cloud-based software solutions that facilitate the efficient management of its cutting-edge digital displays. The integrated LG Business Cloud platform lets users explore, subscribe to, and manage the cloud solutions available for LG digital signage and commercial TVs. Visitors can also check out LG SuperSign Cloud, which enables content creation and distribution for digital signage, the hospitality-enhancing LG Pro:Centric Cloud, and the LG ConnectedCare remote management solution.  

What’s more, LG unveils its commercial display security system, LG Shield, to respond to more sophisticated cyber threats emerging from AI. LG Shield operates under webOS to protect against security threats, safeguarding central servers, apps and operating systems. Its security performance completed a global common criteria evaluation and has been granted EAL 2 certification and ISO/IEC DIS 18974.  

At ISE 2024, LG’s digital signage, cloud management platforms and collaborations with professional partners across diverse industries reveal an unmatched ability to deliver integrated solutions optimised for a wide variety of spaces,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Business Solutions Company. “We will continue to provide customer-focused smart life solutions that open up new and exciting ways to connect, engage and create.”  

LG’s latest digital signage solutions will be on display in Hall 3 (Stand 3K 100) of Fira Barcelona’s Gran Via conference center from January 30 to February 2. To learn more about LG’s digital signage solutions on show at ISE 2024, visit

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LG To Showcase LG Business Cloud At ISE 2024

Monday, February 5, 2024

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LG To Showcase LG Business Cloud At ISE 2024  |  Suitable for Both Small Businesses and Large Enterprises, New Cloud-based Platform Streamlines Management of LG Digital Signage Solutions.

SEOUL, 26 January 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) is set to unveil its innovative cloud solution platform, LG Business Cloud, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024. The convenient, new platform allows business customers to browse and subscribe to LG digital signage cloud solutions and manage them all remotely. LG Business Cloud is compatible with multiple LG digital signage lineups including Micro LED displays, commercial TVs, Transparent OLED Signage and LED displays.*  

LG Business Cloud enables customers to establish a commercial cloud solution for their LG digital signage with a straightforward, one-time sign-up process. Along with eliminating the need to browse several different pages, submit inquiries and engage with sales representatives, the new platform offers educational videos (from beginner to expert level) catering to diverse business needs and explaining how to get the most out of LG’s specialised cloud offerings. Additionally, the structure of LG Business Cloud enhances user convenience, allowing for customer inquiries to be addressed directly on the website.  

The platform includes the LG SuperSign Cloud digital signage content management solution (CMS) and LG Pro:Centric Cloud, the company’s hotel TV-focused CMS. These solutions give users the flexibility to customise content (e.g., welcome messages, facility information, and promotions) displayed on their LG digital signage and to set up display schedules. Also on LG Business Cloud is the LG ConnectedCare remote management solution, which actively monitors the performance/condition of LG signage and promptly sends email notifications if unexpected events are detected. Additionally, LG ConnectedCare lets users remotely adjust various signage settings, such as screen brightness and volume.  

The versatile Business Cloud platform enables users to explore all of LG’s cloud solutions, and experience them firsthand by taking advantage of the trial licenses on offer. Once customers have selected the LG cloud solution they wish to subscribe to, they can configure the duration of the relevant license agreement and easily activate the license post-purchase. What’s more, LG Business Cloud places no restrictions on the number of devices that customers can use to access it; empowering businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to corporate giants, to manage their signage displays more efficiently.   

Furthermore, LG Business Cloud boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for users of all levels. Users can monitor the status of connected LG digital signage in real-time, and enjoy the efficiency of effortless remote control. Customers can take advantage of remote control functions such as on/off and reboot, as well as a dashboard feature that enables them to easily check signage operating status.  

In addition, the partner solutions offered through LG Business Cloud also include media art applications that grant users access to a variety of dynamic artwork, and service applications that deliver real-time weather, flight and local tourism information.  

A valuable tool for retail, corporate, and public sector clients, LG Business Cloud is a one-stop solution for comparing, subscribing to, and managing LG digital signage cloud solutions. It consolidates an array of related services and functionalities to elevate the overall customer experience, and will eventually encompass additional product categories to deliver even greater value and convenience.  

At CES 2024, LG CEO William Cho highlighted the B2B business as LG’s new growth engine, noting that the company will expand its product portfolio to include even more innovative, customer-driven solutions. Following last year’s successful launch of the home solutions business, which combines subscription services with smart home appliances, LG plans to use the same model (seamlessly integrated services and hardware) to grow its B2B solutions business.  

LG Business Cloud is a dedicated platform that simplifies the management of LG digital signage cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Business Solutions Company. “LG is a total solutions provider, offering innovative commercial signage displays and convenient, time-saving management software that enhance the customer experience.”  

LG Business Cloud will be on show at ISE 2024 in Hall 3 (Stand 3K 100) of Fira Barcelona’s Gran Via conference center from January 30 to February 2 and is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of this year. The ability to purchase solutions from within LG Business Cloud will be available initially in North America before expanding to other markets around the globe, including South Korea and Europe.

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LG’s ‘Hack For Heat’ Finale Points To Exciting, Sustainable Future For HVAC

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LG’s ‘Hack For Heat’ Finale Points To Exciting, Sustainable Future For HVAC  |   Company Empowers Young Talent in Europe to Reimagine HVAC for a Better Tomorrow.

SEOUL, 26 January, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) announces that the grand finale of its first-ever heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)-themed student hackathon, Hack for Heat, will take place on January 26 at the LG office in Courbevoie, France. The groundbreaking event will see talented youth from across Europe competing in teams to help redefine the future of HVAC and create a better tomorrow for all.

LG is a company that understands the importance of transitioning to low-carbon heating systems and is fully committed to supporting the EU’s Green Deal. In line with this commitment, LG offers efficient and sustainable HVAC solutions. As part of efforts to foster the next generation of HVAC innovators and help bring about positive change, LG organised the Hack for Heat hackathon, inviting students to apply their passion and unique ideas to three key challenges facing the HVAC industry :

  • HACK HEAT FOR DESIGN : Redefining HVAC design to seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes, with a focus on aesthetics, size and cost. 
  • HACK HEAT FOR PLANET : Creating ‘zero carbon’ heat pump systems while addressing every aspect of the supply chain. 
  • HACK HEAT FOR USERS : Crafting engaging educational content to connect with consumers and spread awareness about LG’s commitment to sustainable development solutions.  

The Hack for Heat grand final will feature six teams representing Spain, Portugal, the U.K., Hungary and France. Each team will have the opportunity to present their projects to a jury comprising LG executives from various business units. The winning team will be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to Seoul, South Korea, where they will have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, explore the city’s renowned landmarks and enjoy an exclusive tour of LG headquarters.

Open to the public and media, the Hack for Heat finale will be held at Workstation, 25 Quai du President Paul Doumer, Courbevoie, France, on January 26 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Registration is required and can be completed on the event’s LinkedIn page.  

Hack for Heat reveals LG’s strong commitment to innovation and firm belief in the power of young talent to shape the future of HVAC,” said James Lee, head of the Air Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. 

We are thrilled to welcome the unique ideas of these passionate, young innovators, and look forward to seeing how their contributions will transform the industry and make people’s lives better.”  

For more information about the event, visit

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LG’s Commitment to Innovation is Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024

Saturday, February 3, 2024

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LG’s Commitment to Innovation is  Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024 |  LG Continues Long-Standing History of Honors at World’s Preeminent Consumer Technology Show With More Than 200 Awards & Accolades.

SEOUL, 26 January 2024 — At this year’s CES®, LG Electronics (LG) was honored with more than 200 awards and recognitions for a wide range of innovations and technologies across the home appliance, home entertainment and B2B categories.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED T – the world’s first 4K wireless transparent TV – led the way with countless honors as the Best TV or Best in Show from a wide range of press outlets.

With LG’s reputation as the global leader in OLED technology – the company continues to assert its dominance at CES, taking home the industry’s top awards and honors for its latest OLED TV lineup including the aforementioned LG SIGNATURE OLED T and the LG OLED evo M4, G4 and C4 TVs. Utilising the wireless technology introduced in last year’s M3 TV, LG’s 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED T is considered the next step in the evolution of OLED TV technology and was honored by major tech publications including CNET, Digital Trends, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Forbes, The Verge, Wirecutter, PCMag and Mashable.

The LG OLED evo series featuring a new 144Hz refresh rate and LG’s Alpha 11 AI processor was also applauded by CNET, TechRadar Pro, PCGamer and BGR. Additionally, Digital Trends highlighted the LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor 32GS95UE in its lineup of best monitors seen at CES 2024 noting its one-of-a-kind ability to toggle between 4K at 240Hz and FHD at 480Hz with the press of a button.

LG also garnered accolades from top publications such as USA Today and Tom’s Guide for its new LG Wash Combo™ All-In-One with Heatpump™ Technology. Marking LG’s commitment to a greener world – the new Wash Combo uses 60 percent less energy than a vented model.1 The cutting-edge home appliance was widely recognised for its compact ventless design and ability to complete a wash-and-dry cycle in under two hours.

Named as a winner of Reviewed’s Accessibility Awards for CES 2024 –  LG’s Universal UP Kit – a collection of innovative home appliance accessories and add-ons embracing universal design has been crafted to enhance usability for individuals facing physical challenges. It was also recognised in Apartment Therapy’s Best Home Design Products from CES 2024.

From the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) CES Innovation Award program alone, LG won 34 CES Innovation Awards including two Best of Innovation Awards given to the LG 4K Transparent OLED T and the 83-inch 4K OLED Zero Connect TV (M4). 

Highlights from LG’s over 200 awards and recognitions earned at CES 2024 include : 

  • CNET : Best TVs of CES 2024  
  • Digital Trends : Top Tech of CES 2024 Awards 
  • PCMag : The Biggest (and Coolest) TVs at CES 2024 
  • Engadget : Best of CES 2024 
  • Reviewed : The Reviewed Awards : CES 2024 – Home Theater 
  • TechRadar : Best Gadgets of CES 2024 – Best TV 
  • The New York Times : Wirecutter : Best of CES 2024 
  • Tom’s Guide : Best of CES 2024 Awards – Best Design 
  • The Verge : The Verge Awards at CES 2024 – Best in Show 
  • CNN Underscored : Best of CES 2024 – Best TV 
  • NBC News : Best of CES 2024 
  • Fox News : Top 10 Tech of CES 2024 
  • The Hollywood Reporter : Best of CES 2024 – Best OLED TV 
  • Variety : Best of CES 2024 – Best 4k TV 
  • Popular Science : Best New Gadgets and Tech from CES 2024 
  • Rolling Stone : Best of CES 2024  

LG OLED TVs (M4, G4, C4 and B4)  
  • Tom’s Guide : Best TVs of CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4 
  • Reviewed : The Reviewed Awards: CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4 
  • TechRadar Pro : 2024 Pick Awards – LG OLED evo M4 
  • Tech Advisor : Best of CES 2024 – LG OLED B4 
  • Gear Patrol : Coolest TVs and Monitors Revealed at CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4, C4, and OLED B4

  • Tom’s Guide : Best TVs of CES 2024 – LG 98 inch QNED TV 
  • Residential tech today : CES 2024 Reflections and Superlatives- LG 98 inch QNED TV   

LG gram Pro Laptops 
  • Digital Trends : Best and Most Exciting Laptops at CES 2024 – LG gram Pro 
  • Inverse : Best Laptops Announced at CES 2024 – LG gram Pro 2-in-1 
  • Laptop Mag : Best of CES 2024 – Best 2-in-1: LG gram Pro 2-in-1
  • Live Science : CES 2024: Best Laptops for Coding & Programmers – LG gram Pro 2-in-1   

LG CineBeam Qube Projector 
  • PCMag : Best of CES 2024 – Best Projector  
  • WIRED : Best of CES 2024 – Best Home Theater 
  • Gizmodo : Best, Coolest, and Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2024 
  • Yanko Design : Best of CES 2024    

LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor 
  • Digital Trends : Best Monitors of CES 2024 
  • Inverse : Most Eye-Popping Gaming Monitors from CES 2024 
  • The Shortcut : The Shortcut CES 2024 Awards 
  • Windows Central : Best of CES 2024 – Best Gaming   

LG Wash Combo™ All-In-One with Heatpump™ Technology 
  • Reviewed : The Reviewed Awards: CES 2024 
  • Tom’s Guide : Best Smart Home Gadgets of CES 2024 – Best Smart Appliance 
  • Tom’s Guide : Best of CES 2024 – Best Home Appliance 
  • Good Housekeeping : Coolest Gadgets at CES 2024    

LG Smart Home AI Agent 
  • Reviewed : CES 2024 – Top 9 New Gadgets You Need To See 
  • Mashable : The Best of CES 2024 
  • The Washington Post : The Best (and Strangest) Tech We Found at CES 2024 
  • T3 : Best of CES 2024 Awards – T3’s Top Tech from This Year’s Show   

For more information on LG’s CES 2024 awards and honors and additional information about LG’s products announced at CES, please visit LG Newsroom.

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LG Opens New Scroll Compressor Production Line In Mexico

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LG Opens New Scroll Compressor Production Line In Mexico  | Increased Manufacturing Capacity to Strengthen Company’s Competitiveness,  Help It Meet Growing Demand from North American Businesses.

SEOUL, 22 January 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) announces the opening of a new scroll compressor production line at its factory in Monterrey, Mexico. The new line bolsters LG’s scroll compressor manufacturing infrastructure, enabling the company to produce more of its acclaimed, eco-conscious solutions while creating a shorter supply chain for servicing customers across North America.

LG’s decision to establish a production line in Mexico comes at a time when many U.S. HVAC manufacturers are facing challenges due to escalating logistical disruptions. The strategic move places an LG scroll compressor production base in close proximity to key North American markets; setting up a production/logistics system that will help the company better respond to regional demand and lessen the impact on customers of factors such as logistic issues.

LG’s scroll compressors play a major role in the company’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) components business. At AHR Expo 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, LG showcased its energy-efficient Gen 3 Scroll Compressors for residential air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as large-capacity scroll compressors for commercial system air conditioning.  

Designed with the future in mind, Gen 3 Scroll Compressors are symbolic of LG’s continuing leadership in HVAC innovation. In anticipation of refrigerant regulations taking effect in 2025, 1 and in line with the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, the compressors utilize low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants. With GWPs less than 700 – far lower than the 2,088 GWP of R410A – these refrigerants easily meet the newest eco-focused standards for refrigerants. The structure of the Gen 3 Scroll Compressors also helps to ensure compliance with the latest efficiency standards2 by reducing energy waste and heat loss.  

The new, state-of-the-art production line in Mexico will enable us to produce more of our eco-conscious scroll compressors and fortify our ability to service the North American market,” said Kim Yang-sun, head of the Component Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “LG will continue to provide advanced technologies and components to meet the diverse needs of its global customers.

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LG Captivates CCE 2024 Spectators With Immersive WebOS Experience Zone

Thursday, February 1, 2024

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LG Captivates CES 2024 Spectators  With Immersive Webos Experience Zone  |  LAS VEGAS, 22 January 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) welcomes visitors to the company’s booth at CES 2024 with a wealth of entertaining and dazzling experiences through the webOS zone. Building on its legacy of showstopping installations on vivid self-lit OLED displays, LG’s Home Entertainment Company continues to redefine itself as a media and entertainment powerhouse. The webOS smart TV platform breathes life into immersive visuals and inspiring narratives, aligning with the company’s visionary transformation.

Thanks to the numerous OLED displays, the attention-grabbing webOS installation engrosses visitors in the world of infinite entertainment, each moment enlivened thanks to LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality and unique form factors. This captivating experience highlights LG’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and providing the ultimate entertainment experience. 

An invitation to explore the world of entertainment powered by webOS platform, the webOS Zone treats guests to an extensive collection of video clips from a diverse range of genres, sourced from content partners. Among the highlights is an exclusive experience of ‘Masters of the Air,’ the highly anticipated action-packed epic series from Apple TV+, produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. The compelling series preview teases viewers with breathtaking visuals and an explosive, dynamic soundscape. ‘Masters of the Air’ premieres exclusively on Apple TV+ on January 26 and will be available to watch on LG Smart TVs via the Apple TV app.

With impressive visuals and spellbinding storytelling, audiences will be enchanted by the live-action reimagining of ‘The Little Mermaid’ now streaming on Disney+, a story of a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure, brought to life by filmmaker Rob Marshall. Superb cinematography on OLED displays transports viewers to the seashore, with waves gently lapping at the feet and soothing sounds of the ocean in the background. 

Attendees can anticipate a mesmerizing exploration of space with exciting clips from the ‘Rebel Moon’ Netflix series, released last December, and a sneak peak of the highly anticipated series, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ from Paramount+. Offering an enthralling glimpse into unexplored planets and otherworldly landscapes, the videos promise unprecedented encounters with intricate space battles and the cosmic frontier.

The webOS Zone also presents imaginative stories that are sure to captivate adventure lovers. Scenes from Prime Video’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ invite spectators to step into the epic landscape of Middle-earth and feel the irresistible allure of sweeping action, harrowing journeys and the rise of one of the greatest villains of all time: the Dark Lord Sauron. 

What’s more, fans of fighting games will be delighted with a clip of Tekken 8, set to be released on January 26, 2024 by Bandai Namco Entertainment and expected to be one of the best games of the genre this year.

Established in 2014, LG’s webOS platform has emerged as a global leader with its evolution into one of the most widely used smart TV platforms, with a continuously expanding user base. Boasting a compelling selection of content for LG Smart TVs around the world, the company delivers an extensive collection by maintaining valuable partnerships with more than 3,500 content providers. LG’s decade-long commitment to fostering strong relationships with streaming service partners has enhanced the home entertainment experience for millions of customers worldwide.

LG is dedicated to upholding its leadership position in the realm of viewing experiences with technological advancements and content curation. Through the ongoing evolution of webOS, LG strives to enrich lives by providing customers with infinite entertainment and endless inspiration.

LG’s awe-inspiring webOS zone will be on show at CES 2024 from January 9-12 in the company’s booth (#16008, Las Vegas Convention Center). For more information on LG products unveiled at CES 2024, please visit CES 2024 Press Kit.

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The Distance of This Place is Only 30 KM Away from the Capital City of Kuala Lumpur, Making it a Perfect Choice for a Day Trip Destination

Sunday, December 3, 2023

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The Distance of This Place is Only 30 KM Away from the Capital City of Kuala Lumpur, Making it a Perfect Choice for a Day Trip Destination  |  Klang is the capital of the kingdom of Selangor, Malaysia, located about 35 km from Kuala Lumpur. This city is a favorite tourist destination with natural views and Malaysian cultural heritage.

Visitors can explore interesting places in Klang that enrich their historical insight while enjoying an exciting holiday. With so many attractive tourist options, you can stay at various hotel in Klang in multiple locations.

Best Tourist Attractions in Klang

Where to go while in Klang? Below are some suggestions you can put to your bucket list : 

1. Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque 

The Diraja Sultan Sulaiman Mosque in Klang City is the largest mosque, established in 1934 to honor the 3rd Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sir Alaudin Suleiman Shah. With a unique design that combines European and Islamic elements, this mosque is a beautiful and unique historical heritage of Malaysia.

2. Pulau Indah Laguna Park 

Laguna Park in Klang is a beach destination for all ages, offering activities such as fishing, sunbathing, and enjoying typical Malaysian food. Visitors can also rent a boat to explore this area, although the cost is quite expensive. 

3. Acheh Beach 

Acheh Beach on Pulau Indah, Klang, is ideal for sunset views and fishing activities. With approximately 30 minutes of access from Klang City, you can plan your trip during the day for a better experience. 

Best Hotels in Klang 

There are several hotels in the Klang Valley that you can choose from as your place to stay. Here are some recommendations : 

1. Klang Histana Hotel 

Address : 10, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, 41300 
Price : Start from RM 103.25 (Standard Room - 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Bed)  

Histana Hotel Klang is a strategic hotel, close to various shopping centers, with interesting attractions such as I-City, a colorful amusement park, and the Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery which showcases the history and culture of the Selangor Sultanate. 

2. Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort 

Address : PT 673, Jalan Pulau Carey, Mukim Jugra, Port Klang, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, 42960 
Price : Start from RM 420.00 (Riverine - Studio King) 

Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort is an ideal choice for families, especially golf enthusiasts, as it has an award-winning, accredited golf course. The property also offers water sports facilities and bicycle rental, providing a variety of activities for guests. 

3. Wyndham Acmar Hotel 

Address : No 1-G-1, Jalan Persiaran Bukit Raja, 2/KU1, Bandar Baru Klang, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, 41150 
Price : Start from RM 316.49 (De Luxe - Twin Room)  

Wyndham Acmar Hotel is a top business class 5-star hotel ideal for business travelers in Klang, with a strategic location along three main roads, namely the Federal Highway, New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), and the Shah Alam Selangor Expressway Konsortium (KESAS), making access easy to various tourist and business attractions. 

Tips for Vacation in Klang

If you want to go on holiday to this city, you can check out these travel tips in Klang to make your holiday even more enjoyable : 

1. Timing is Crucial 

The period between March and September is considered the best time to visit Klang due to the drier and sunnier weather. 

2. Indulge in Local Cuisine 

Klang is renowned for its delectable seafood, including bak kut teh and grilled fish. Make sure to savor the local culinary delights while vacationing in Klang.

3. Consider to Bring Some Cash

While most establishments in Klang accept credit cards, it is advisable to carry sufficient cash as some places may only accept cash payments. Don't forget to bring enough cash with you during your stay in Klang.

With beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and various interesting tourist attractions, Klang is an unforgettable holiday destination. If you want to experience its charm, immediately plan your trip via Traveloka and enjoy an extraordinary holiday experience in Klang! Find the best deals and choose your favorite hotels in Klang Valley only with Traveloka.

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How Singapore Airlines Enhances the Essence of the Lion City on a Global Scale

Friday, October 20, 2023

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How Singapore Airlines Enhances the Essence of the Lion City on a Global Scale  |  Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore. Established in 1947, it is renowned for its excellent customer service, luxurious amenities, and high-quality in-flight experience.  The airline is widely recognized as one of the world's leading airlines, known for its top-notch service and hospitality.

It has consistently received awards and accolades for its quality service.  Singapore Airlines has a vast network of destinations connecting significant cities worldwide. It is known for its extensive coverage in Asia, Europe, North America, and other regions. If you plan to travel internationally, choose Singapore Airlines Traveloka as your best choice of airline. 

Why Choose Singapore Airlines? 

Singapore Airlines Traveloka offers several benefits to passengers, making it a popular choice for travelers worldwide. Here are some key benefits of choosing Singapore Airlines for your travel.  

1. Extensive Route Network 

Singapore Airlines operates flights to numerous destinations worldwide, connecting major cities and hubs. This extensive network provides passengers with a wide range of options for their travel itineraries. 

2. Easy Booking  

Booking a flight with Singapore Airlines is a straightforward process via Singapore Airlines Traveloka. Select the flight that suits your schedule and budget by clicking on the "Select" button next to the desired flight option. 

3. Gourmet Dining Experience 

Singapore Airlines is renowned for its high-quality in-flight meals. Passengers can enjoy delicious and well-prepared cuisine, with options catering to various dietary requirements. The airline also offers a selection of fine wines and beverages. 

4. Punctuality and Reliability 

Singapore Airlines is known for its punctuality and reliability. The airline strives to adhere to flight schedules, ensuring passengers reach their destinations on time.  

By choosing Singapore Airlines, you will be experiencing a high-class in-flight service from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, starting at RM 225. Passengers can enjoy various movies, TV shows, music, and games through Singapore Airlines' in-flight entertainment system. The selection is regularly updated, ensuring passengers can access the latest entertainment options. 

Book Singapore Airlines Tickets to Bangkok From KL with Travelloka 

A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok is now also available on Traveloka. Airlines often offer competitive prices for flights between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, making it an affordable option for travelers. The affordability factor is crucial in encouraging people to choose this route, especially for budget-conscious travelers.  

Malaysia and Thailand are neighboring countries, which means the flight distance between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok is relatively short compared to flights between more distant destinations. Shorter flights are generally more popular due to reduced travel time. 

Reasons to Visit Bangkok 

There are numerous reasons why people visit Bangkok : 

1. Street Life and Nightlife 

Bangkok is famous for its bustling street markets, lively street food scene, and vibrant nightlife. Khao San Road is particularly popular among backpackers and travelers looking for a lively atmosphere, bars, and clubs. 

2. Shopping 

The city offers various shopping experiences, from high-end malls like Siam Paragon and CentralWorld to bustling markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market. Visitors can find everything from traditional Thai crafts to international luxury brands. 

3. Food 

Thai cuisine is renowned worldwide for its bold flavors and aromatic spices. Bangkok is a paradise for food lovers, offering various dishes from street food stalls to fine dining restaurants. Pad Thai, green curry, and mango sticky rice are just a few of the must-try dishes. 

4. Day Trips 

Bangkok serves as a gateway to various day trip destinations, including the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and the Maeklong Railway Market, providing unique cultural experiences just a short drive away. 


Flying with Singapore Airlines will be so comforting because it has received numerous awards and accolades over the years, reflecting its commitment to excellence in service, innovation, and overall customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok is satisfying due to the many attractions we will see. Want to experience these things? Plan your trip by booking a flight Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok tickets with Traveloka! 

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Smart Watch Untuk Wanita - Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora

Saturday, September 9, 2023

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Smart Watch Untuk Wanita - Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora  |  Tidak dinafikan smart watch semakin mendapat tempat pada masa kini.. Tidak kira di kalangan lelaki mahupun wanita.. Keluarannya juga semakin hari semakin menarik dan praktikal dari segi fungsi dan reka bentuk jam itu sendiri. Kalau dulu smart watch ni lebih dikenali dalam kalangan lelaki tetapi kini tidak lagi kerana reka bentuk untuk wanita juga telah banyak dikeluarkan.. Aku sendiri agak teruja dengan design terkini smart watch di pasaran sekarang terutamanya smart watch yang direka khas untuk wanita.

Salah satu smart watch untuk wanita yang kini menjadi kegilaan aku dan ramai wanita diluar sana adalah Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora. Aku suka design smart watch Kieslect ni. Smart tapi cantik. Ia bukan sekadar jam tapi sebuah jam pintar didatangkan dengan pelbagai fungsi. Nak tahu lebih lanjut, kenalah baca sampai habis ya..

Apa itu Smart Watch?

Ok, sebelum aku bercerita lebih lanjut tentang Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni, jom ambil tahu apa itu smart watch atau dalam bahasanya jam pintar.. 

Smart watch merupakan jam tangan digital yang bukan hanya sekadar untuk melihat masa tetapi ianya mempunyai pelbagai fungsi seperti pengiraan langkah, pemantauan denyutan jantung dan tekanan darah, boleh dengar muzik, akses panggilan telefon dan mesej serta pelbagai lagi.. Begitulah juga dengan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni direka dengan pelbagai fungsi yang dapat membantu si pemakai dalam urusan seharian.

Tentang Kieslect

Bila tengok kecanggihan smart watch yang dikeluarkan oleh Kieslect ni, mesti ramai nak tahu latar belakang jenama ini kan.. Ok, kalau korang nak tahu Kieslect ini merupakan sebuah syarikat yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2017 dimana mereka telah membekalkan smart watch kepada lebih 5000 retail outlets di lebih 60 negara dan mempunyai 600 orang pekerja di seluruh dunia..

Bila dilihat kepada retail outletsnya yang banyak tu, ternyata Kieslect ni merupakan sebuah syarikat yang kukuh dan teguh serta sebuah jenama yang dipercayai.. Tidak hairanlah mereka dapat mengeluarkan smart watch yang sangat hebat seperti Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ini.. 

Apa yang menarik lagi, kesemua produk Kieslect ini diperakui oleh CE, RoHS, FCC dan UKCA dan ini sekaligus membuktikan bahawa produk mereka mematuhi kualiti standard. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, malah Kieslect juga telah memenangi beberapa siri international design award termasuklah Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award dan German Design Award.

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora Smart Watch Khas Untuk Wanita

Dalam dunia serba moden yang serba pantas ini, kita memerlukan produk yang mudah dibawa dan bergaya. So, pemilihan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ini sangat tepat untuk masyarakat moden pada masa kini.. Mudah dibawa, pelbagai guna dan tampil lebih bergaya.

Tertarik dengan reka bentuk yang cantik dari Kieslect, aku tak mampu untuk berkata tidak untuk memiliki smart watch khas untuk wanita Kieslect ini, Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora.

Didatangkan dalam 3 warna pastel yang cantik iaitu pink, gold dan purple menjadikan aku lebih teruja untuk memilikinya. Aku yakin peminat smart watch pastinya tidak akan melepaskan peluang untuk mendapatkan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ini.. Warna pilihan aku seharusnyalah warna purple, warna favourite aku!

Apa yang menariknya lagi, Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni 'double strap' tau.. Strapnya mempunyai 2 warna di mana boleh ditukar mengikut citarasa dan kesesuaian. Bukan itu sahaja, malah Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ini juga stable BT 5.2 calling tau iaitu ianya mempunyai sambungan bluetooth yang sangat stabil membolehkan kita menjawab panggilan telefon tanpa sebarang masalah sepertinya menggunakan telefon yang sebenar.

Salah satu daya tarikan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni pada aku, ianya 3D fullview colorful display.. Menjadikan smart watch ini lebih digilai oleh para wanita.. 

Fungsi Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora

Serius antara smart watch yang aku ada, inilah satu-satunya smart watch yang terpaling banyak fungsi.. Memang berbaloi-baloi sangat beli smart watch ni.. Jom kita tengok fungsi yang ada..

1.  Sport Mode
  • Korang boleh try 70 mode sukan seperti running, cycling, skipping, badminton dan banyak lagi...
2.  Status
  • Dekat status ni korang boleh check jumlah langkah, jarak dan kalori yang direkodkan
3.  SOS
  • Ni bukan sos cili tau.. Haha.. Untuk bahagian ni, korang boleh wujudkan nombor SOS untuk saat-saat kecemasan.
4.  Phone
  • Bahagian ni berfungsi seperti smart phone.. Boleh buat penggilan terus melalui smart watch ini.. Ia juga merekod sejarah panggilan dan boleh tambah contact..
5.  Breath Rate
  • Boleh mengukur bacaan terkini pernafasan kita..
6.  Sleep
  • Kalau korang ada masalah tidur, korang boleh try mode ni.. Ia dapat merekod tempoh korang tidur termasuklah jumlah tidur yang berkualiti dan tidur yang tidak lena..
7.  Music Control
  • Bagi penggemar muzik mesti jatuh cinta dengan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni.. Boleh mendengar muzik terus dari jam ini dengan hanya on bluetooth di smart phone.
8.  Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Nak tahu kadar denyutan jantung pun boleh.. Pakai mode ini.. Kadar denyutan jantung direkod dan dipapar selama 24 jam sepanjang hari dan dipantau secara automatik setiap 10 minit..
9.  Alarm
  • Boleh juga set alarm dekat smart watch ini.. 8 waktu boleh diset dalam satu masa.. Jam akan bergetar semasa alarm berbunyi.
10. Weather
  • Keadaan cuaca semasa juga dipaparkan pada jam
11. Breath
  • Tetapkan cara dan masa pernafasan dan ikut arahan latihan untuk melengkapkan latihan pernafasan.
12.  Voice Assistant
  • Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora juga dilengkapi dengan voice assistant.. 

Banyak lagi tau fungsi Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni sebenarnya seperti games, watch face, timer, drinking reminder, camera control. password protection flash light dan banyak lagi la.. Nak test emosi pun boleh tau.. hehe..

Kenapa Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ini Jadi Pilihan Aku?

Aku bab jam tangan ni agak cerewet sikit.. Kalau dulu hanya pakai jam yang cuma boleh lihat masa sahaja tetapi sekarang aku lebih cenderung kepada smart watch.. Termasuk Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni aku dah ada 3 buah smart watch dan bagi aku Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora adalah smart watch terbaik yang pernah aku ada..

Apa yang aku suka lagi tentang Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni selain fungsi-fungsi yang ada, aku suka juga strapnya.. Pertama kali aku pakai jam di mana strapnya jenis quick release magnetic strap.. Sangat mudah dipakai.. Pergelangan tangan pun selesa dan tak sakit.. Oh ya, jam ni didatangkan juga dengan strap cantik yang lebih feminin..

Bagi aku Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni adalah fashion smart watch.. Boleh menjadi pelengkap kepada gaya kita.. Namun begitu jam ini boleh digayakan dalam pelbagai keadaan.. Itu yang paling aku suka.. Tak perlu banyak-banyak jam, cukup hanya Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora sahaja boleh digayakan dalam banyak keadaan dan dress up.. Satu lagi watch face boleh tukar-tukar dan boleh juga letak gambar peribadi kita.. Itu yang bestnye Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni..

Dari segi lain, jam ini sangat membantu aku dalam menjalani hidup secara sihat.. Dengan fungsi yang ada, aku boleh tahu tahap kesihatan aku sedikit sebanyak.. Mode sport banyak bantu aku bersenam dengan teratur.. Selain itu, aku tertarik dengan mode sleep.. Teringin untuk tahu tahap kualiti tidur aku.. Cumanya, belum ada masa lagi untuk aku mencuba mode ini dek kerana kesibukan kehipan seharian aku.. Iyalah, bila dah terlalu penat, letak kepala je terus lelap.. Hehe..

Selain itu, fungsi phone dan sms juga membuat aku teruja.. Mana taknya, tak perlu nak angkat telefon dah ke telinga, cukup hanya dengan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora ni pun dah boleh jawab panggilan dan membaca sms.. Music Player pun best juga kerana soundnya high quality..

Owh ya, ini first jam yang watch face nya besar yang aku pernah pakai.. Pada mulanya, aku risau juga takut tak sesuai dengan tangan kurus kering aku ni.. Hehe.. Tapi bila pakai, just nice.. Aku suka!! Nampak smart dan elegent gitu.. Warna pun cantik.. Feberet color aku..

Eh ada lagi tau yang bestnye tentang smartwatch ni.. Baterinya kalau penggunaan yang heavy boleh tahan 1 hingga 2 hari dan kebiasaannya boleh tahan sehingga 3 ke 5 hari.. lama tu.. Tapi harus diingat ye, jam tangan ini adalah IP68, ia tidak boleh dipakai untuk berenang, mandi atau surfing.. hehe

Kalau korang sejenis yang sukakan jam yang lebih simple tapi tetap nampak hebat bila dipakai, korang boleh try Kieslect Calling Watch KS dan Kieslect Calling Watch Kr Pro yang juga keluaran daripada Kieslect.. 

Bagi korang yang mempunyai bajet terhad tetapi ingin memiliki smart watch pelbagai fungsi, Kieslect la pilihan tepat korang.. Untuk model KS menawarkan 100 mod sukan manakala model Lora pula menawarkan 70 mod sukan.. Jam tangan ni bukan sahaja untuk sukan tau tapi ia juga boleh digunakan sebagai calling watch, dengan sambungan Bluetooth 5.2 yang stabil dan sambungan yang lebih kuat daripada jam tangan jenama lain.

Pembesar suara dan microfon jam tangan ni pun kualiti bunyinya sangat baik dengan natural sound yang jelas.. Bukan tu je, nak receive dan reject call pun mudah even nak buat call juga mudah.. So, bagi aku untuk memiliki smart watch pada harga yang mampu milik dengan fungsi yang pelbagai, inilah pilihan tepat korang.. 

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora Warranty 1 Tahun

Setiap barang yang kita beli, sudah pastinya kita mengharapkan ada warranty sebagai jaminan kerosakan barang yang kita beli tu.. Betul tak? Bagi smart watch Kieslect ini korang jangan risau, mereka menawarkan 2 tahun warranty bagi setiap pembelian smart watch mereka.. Jaminan dengan gantian tau.. 

Sekiranya berlaku kerosakan dalam tempoh 1 tahun pembelian, korang boleh menukar barang yang rosak itu dengan barang yang baru tetapi tidak termasuk aksesori tau serta kerosakan yang sengaja di buat.. Hehe..

Dapatkan Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora Dengan Harga Lebih Berbaloi-Baloi!

Ok, berita baik buat korang pembaca blog aku.. Dapatkan Kieslect Calling Smart Watch ini dengan harga yang lebih berbaloi-baloi.. Bagaimana caranya? Haaa korang boleh guna kod voucher di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan diskaun..

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora
Kod Voucher RM 5  👉  KIESLORA

Kieslect Calling Watch Ks
Kod Voucher RM 10  👉  KIESKS

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