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Popilush shaper dress : Make your everyday unforgettable

Saturday, September 9, 2023

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Popilush shaper dress: Make your everyday unforgettable | One day you wake up and everything repeats itself! It's the same boring clothes, the same routine and you end up feeling unmotivated. This happens to a lot of women, but it doesn't have to keep happening to you.

By choosing to invest in a shaper dress, you choose to completely change the way you dress and how people will see you. It is possible to become a more confident, happy and good-looking woman with this resource.

1. To go to work

A businesswoman needs to look impeccable. If you show care in dealing with people, you become more confident in closing contracts with other companies. Appearance is an important fuel for your success. Try one Built-In Shapewear Mock Neck Modal Midi Dress and combine with a dress shoe of your choice.

The shaping mesh in the abdomen area models and flattens the belly in a smooth way. The mesh in the leg area draws more subtle lines. In the butt region, it has a three-dimensional cut that makes your buttocks more beautiful.

The invisible zipper on the back makes it easier to take off and put on the dress, saving you time. It has cotton fabric in the crotch, which allows you to discard the use of panties.

2. Take the kids to school 

A shapewear bodycon dress is the assertive outfit for many occasions. Choose one of the models Built-In Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses can make you beautiful and comfortable to carry out day to day activities.

It has body shaper underneath that model in a natural way without marking under the clothes. In addition, it has comfortable modal fabric that always keeps you dry. The waist control design gives you the perfect flat stomach. The BBL effect is promoted for a great butt lift. 

It is available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL) to suit a larger number of women with different body types. Another feature that helps with this task is the adjustable straps that make the dress fit your body perfectly.   

It has open reinforcement that facilitates the moments you need to pee. It is available in three styles: Slip Maxi Dress, Slip Mini Dress e Long Sleeve Maxi Dress.

3. Go on a dinner date with your husband

You can invest in a model like the Built-In Shapewear Sexy Lace Slip Split Maxi Dress. It is available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL) and three colors (black, wine, white) to expand your choice.

It features deep V neckline together with exquisite lace, which makes your neckline much more attractive. In addition, it has thin adjustable straps for your convenience.

The support of the breasts is guaranteed by the steel wire that does not require the use of a bra. It features compression faja shorts that deliver the perfect shape. It is through him that the dress promotes tummy control, butt, creating an hourglass-shaped body. The cut at the waist also helps in this process. 

The leg design is overlapped, making it easier for you to go to the bathroom. The crotch has cotton fabric and it is not necessary to use panties. It is made in :  

  • OUTSIDE: 52% nylon+48% spandex    
  • LINING: 62% nylon+38% spandex   
Thus delivering great elasticity in 4 directions. It is a type of dress with built in shapewear that is indispensable in your closet.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Darry Ring?

Monday, September 26, 2022

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Darry Ring?  |  Choosing an engagement ring is a huge investment and you have to do careful research on it. But in recent years, a variety of ring brands have emerged on the market, with different brand philosophies and missions. No matter what style of diamond engagement ring you prefer, you can find a ring brand online to suit your various needs. But to save you the trouble of searching, we've researched some of the top jewelry brands on the jewelry market, pawn shop and gathered our top picks.   

For the avant-garde bride-to-be who seeks true love, focuses on the promise of true love and wants something unique, Darry Ring is the place for you.  

Darry Ring is a well-known leading engagement ring brand that shows a pledge of commitment and agreement for a lifetime. This brand emerged in Paris, France and launched in 2010. From there, it started spreading and growing in different parts of that country. Today, Darry Ring has almost 400 diamond stores Worldwide.

Darry Ring is selling many useful and worth-having products across the globe. Well, Darry Ring sells high-end diamond rings, customized jewelry products, necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands, and rings made with cutting-edge diamond technology. It also caters to the personalization of engagement rings. The primary intention of this brand is to spread a romantic and true love culture with DR diamond ring.  

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Darry Ring 

There are a lot of reasons that will make you choose the Darry Ring for making your purchase. Let's dig out the following five reasons here.  

1.  Unique brand concept 

The unique brand concept of Darry Ring is all about adhering to the fact that one can get only one DR ring for his/her love in his/her lifetime. One can customize any ring under other ring brands, but this does not apply to Darry Ring. The desire and urge for true love are surpassing the increasing divorce rate, which is what makes Darry Ring unique in its brand concept and is still attracting a lot of customers to its products.  

2.  High-quality DR diamond 

The quality of DR jewelry, especially diamond rings, needs special mention. Darry Ring is committed to providing every customer with high quality DR diamonds. Each DR diamond is carefully selected and produced in accordance with the 4Cs of diamonds. Moreover, each DR diamond ring is supplied with a ring certification from an authoritative body.  

3.  Equip with top ring designer team 

The diamond rings made by Darry Ring are designed and created by the top ring designer team. Darry Ring has top designers from all over the world to design unique DR diamond rings according to your individual needs. These diamond rings are tested in the laboratory. You won't get any compromise on the quality, manufacturing, and ethical sources from which these rings are sourced.  

4.  Security 

Darry Ring has no such match when it comes to security. It all has become possible with the Darry Ring Agreement and a valid ring certification. One can purchase a diamond ring once he commits to his love. Only then will he get an agreement to sign. This signing will provide him with a valid ring certification. Aside from this certification, the security of your personal information lies at the heart of the Darry Ring, which will be kept confidential.  

5.  Chosen by famous stars 

The thing that will appeal to you the most towards the Darry Ring and its product is that it has been chosen by celebrities, such as Olympic diving champion, Wu Minxia, since it was introduced.  


When it comes to choosing the quality diamond ring for your partner, you will look around and find many renowned brands. However, Darry Ring will attract you instantly because of the reasons mentioned above. So, if you find this diamond ring brand unique and the right fit for your purchase, then don't miss out on this opportunity and make your love feel special.  

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What To Wear on Romantic Date Night Dresses?

Friday, May 27, 2022

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What To Wear on Romantic Date Night Dresses? Dresses are classic, leading choice for romantic date night outfits. The good thing is that when you opt for a dress, you don't have to worry about pairing clothes since dresses are already a complete outfit. All you have to do is select a perfect pair of shoes and charming accessories to compliment you designer dress.

Picking out the fitting dresses can be a nightmare sometimes. We have covered you whether you are attending a fancy date night at a hotel or a bar. Let's look into the best and most affordable date night dresses in wholesale boutique clothing.

Gaia Midi Dress

Gaia Midi can make your special occasion memorable. This silhouette starts with a sexy cowl neckline and flows down to a more relaxed bodice and asymmetrical skirt.

Eden Midi Dress 

A fitted midi dress can be pretty comfortable and flattering, especially if you choose a soft dark pink stretchy fabric. It holds in perfect areas and is punctuated with a side slit for more elegance. 

Danielle Dress 

With a smocked back and puff sleeve, you get the perfect fit for your special occasion. It comprises a self-tie waist that clinches the entire look together and allows you to control the tightness completely.  

Rosebud Dress Champagne 

Rosebud mini will leave you looking like the sexiest princess. It features a plunging neckline, broad shoulder straps, and a bodycon fit, leaving you on fire. 

Athens Burnout Midi 

Dress The Athens Dress comprises a sweetheart neckline descending to a ruched bodice coupled with a ruffle trim accent on the side.

High Profile Dress Pink

The High Profile dress is perfect for your romantic date night; the booty-pooping mini shows incandescent and detailing sequins throughout, drawing instant envy. In addition, it features a deep wrap v-neckline, fitted sleeves, and a split back for ladies who are thrilled about making a statement.

Spotlight Dress Blush

The dress features an off-shoulder detail coupled with a ruching downwards. It blends perfectly with curls and heels.

Misty Fountains Dress

The dress presents a vibrant floral print with a bust of red color. In addition, it features a sweetheart neckline, ruffled shoulder straps, and a bust completed with a stretchy, shirred back. 

Cocktails On the Reg Dress Black

You will undoubtedly be the party's life and the center of attention with this fantastic multi-colored, sequined mini dress.

Gaia Floral Midi Dress

Slipping into this sexy dress is a perfect way to show up for a date night. The dreamy silk dress is perfect for long summer nights. It features a cowl neckline that accentuates the bust that holds together through the support of skinny shoulder straps. The floral vintage prints complete this style.


The best way to get your man's attention is by looking effortlessly beautiful in any dresses mentioned above. You don't have to spend a lot of money on an outfit, find the perfect dress that suits your body type and personality, and you're good to go. 

We believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful at Dear Lover, so shop with us today and get the best deals on wholesale clothing.

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What Is Best Waist Trainer For Women 2022?

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What Is Best Waist Trainer For Women 2022? | If you have decided that this is the year to make changes in your lifestyle, your body and your style, I think you are missing something to complement all that, something that you have never thought you would need but that you have begun to notice that you do not have something important, this is the moment where you realize that you had not let shapewear into your life and how you have missed it because it really is something essential in the life of today's woman, not only for aesthetics but for comfort and the lifestyle we lead where we need to look good at all times.

If you are looking to add some designs but you don't know which one, you can start with the waist trainer for women, this design is made with the best materials so you feel that this garment becomes part of your body, not only for comfort but because it is something that It becomes like a white t-shirt, a basic that enters your life and you never want to let it go, that's why if you want to start, do it with this one.

And little by little you will be able to include many other designs that you should also have for the different occasions in your life, one of them can be family events and you know how they are, when you do not see your family in a long time you want to come and look super cute and that your body looks how you want to show them how happy you are with your figure, for that you need the best waist trainer for plus size that you can have, which shapes your figure and shows all the curves you have from the most natural way possible.

I know that there are many options on the internet today but if you need to see how some of them can fit you, you have to see the waist trainer before and after and believe me that now you are going to be very sure that you need it, many women around the world have learned to recognize that clothes aren't always going to look the way you want, and that these designs go hand-in-hand with each other to make you look great in whatever you set out to wear.

Pants with high waist? No problem, tight dresses? Super easy to wear, wear skirts and shorts? Every day of the summer if possible, the possibilities are endless and you are the only one who can limit yourself in this life, you should be able to wear all the clothes you want without having to doubt how you look, the only opinion that counts and the What matters is yours, if you feel happy and comfortable wearing shapewear and you feel that you need it then you have to add all these designs, from just the tummy to a full bodysuit to the legs to long dresses, there are many designs to choose from and you can see the one you like the most and it fits the clothes you want to wear.

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Get Your Dream Body Shape With The Best Body Shaper at Sculptshe

Friday, November 5, 2021

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Get Your Dream Body Shape With The Best Body Shaper at Sculptshe  |  To have a great body shape is everybody dreams. A lot of efforts must be done in order for us to have a great body shape. The most iconic shape for the female body is called hourglass body shape. A lot of celebrities also have this kind of body shape like Jessic Alba, J Lo, Marylin Monroe and many more.  

In the mid to late 1800s, during the Victorian era, the hourglass corset was used to accentuate the hourglass body shape that became popular and ideal. It was really hard work for those people at that time to get that kind of body shape.  

Nowadays, there is an easy way for us to have that gorgeous body shape. Thanks to SCLUPTSHE gives a lot of choices to choose to look hot and gorgeous. For me I choose the best body shaper Sculptshe Full Body Suit Surgery Compression Garment.

The reason why I choose this garment is its full body minimizing support to make me feel confident in any occasion. It offers the control and adjustment necessary for my body to recover quickly and effectively to take the desired figure. This garment also features an open crotch design for easy bathroom access. So that it helps me to wear it on any occasion hassle free. Its wide straps also support hooks that adjust to your fit and comfort. The three front lines of hooks enhance the setting and make it easy on & easy off. This bodysuit also reduces and supports the waist, hips, thighs and entire abdomen so it makes us look gorgeous all the time.

It also has high elastic fabric at the chest, lamination design, suitable for a variety of chest sizes so that we don’t have to worry more about when we wear it. For your info, this wear shaper is also very helpful for those who just have post-surgical surgery. This wear helps us to quickly recover our body.  

Another one product that I choose is Sculptshe Side Zipper Lace Hem Body Shaper  

This body shaper shapes your Waist, Hips and Thighs. Ideal for daily use, Post surgery and postpartum new mommies. It comes with side zipper shapewear, inner hooks to adjust the garment easily, adjustable and removable straps. Zipper crotch for optimal comfort and cotton lining for comfort. This Body shaper will round your back side, slims your waist, thighs &  give you all over maximum compression.. 

What makes this bodysuit so special is it’s almost invisible under clothes and has a brief style bottom to eliminate uneven shaping around the thighs. So that we also can wear it anywhere we want and we can still wear a bra as normal, without any bumps at the back. It makes me so confident to wear it at any time that I want. 

In addition, this shapewear can also be natural butt lift, removable and adjustable straps, side zipper to maintain invisibility underneath all clothing, zipper on crotch available for easy bathroom use and low back so you can wear this Faja underneath backless dresses.

Trust me, we will enjoy a more trim and toned figure, and show off a beautiful hourglass silhouette and everybody's eyes will focus more on you. This bodysuit will help us to slim our body instantly. It helps to flatten & firm our stomach. 

This bodysuit also hides and smoothes bumps and bulges everytime we wear it. It gains our self-confidence to meet people when we wear it too. The light material, breathable fabric that won't roll up make us so comfortable to wear it. It is almost invisible under clothes so we are worry free to wear it. The crotch buckle design feature makes it convenient to use the restroom. What more that we are asking for, this is the most perfect bodysuit that you must have. Go and get it while the stock lasts!

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The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress

Friday, January 1, 2021

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The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress | Have you ever in your dream have an hourglass body figure? You wanna know what is the secret to get that body figure? Here is the secret.

I introduced to you  The shapewear bodysuit. This shapewear bodysuit can help  us to get an ideal body shape figure. It will make you look gorgeous and elegant because this bodysuit helps to stretch the problems area and reshape back your bodies.  So that you can wear whatever you want and look awesome and outstanding.

The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress

Welcome to Feelingirldress! Here you can get a variety of bodysuit shapewear and it comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. Not just for the slim persons can wear whatever they want but for those who in big sizes also can do so because the best shapewear bodysuit and waist trainer from Feelingirldress can always help you.

Black Underbust Bodysuits Boyshort Open Crotch Lace Slimming Belly

The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress

Black Underbust Bodysuits Boyshort Open Crotch Lace Slimming Belly is one of the plus size shapewear bodysuits available in Feelingirldress. What makes this shapewear so special is that the quick dry material and breathable fabric always make you feel comfortable to wear it all the time. It also got a firm zipper to lock your fat and it got lace glue to prevent sliding and curling.

What also makes this shapewear so special is it has an open crotch easy for bathroom use. Shapewear bodysuit also suitable to wear for parties, gym, wedding or office. It comes in various sizes starting from S to 5XL. So that you don't have to worry anymore to choose what to wear for your night and day.

Highest Compression Rose Red Double Belts Waist Cincher Rubber

The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress

Highest Compression Rose Red Double Belts Waist Cincher Rubber functioned to compress our middle part in our bodies to reduce the size of our stomach. To those who wear it, compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape which will make you healthier.

If you are thinking of losing weight, this waist trainer is suitable for you because the front zipper keeps a tight fit around your waist to achieve the long-lasting waist cinching effect as you lose weight. Other than that, it can flatten your tummy and shape your waist. You will get outstanding results with doing exercises with help by this waist trainer. Don't waste your chance to get the wholesale waist trainer by today from Feelingirldress if you are looking for hourglass physique. Good luck everyone!

The Best Shapewear Bodysuit and Waist Trainer from Feelingirldress

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Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 Wholesale Fashion Dresses

Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 Wholesale Fashion Dresses |  Hi guys! Its been awhile we not talk about fashion. As we can see in the market right now, there are a lot of fashion styles offered. To those who love maxi dress, i suggest you go to feelingirldress website. It is because, alot of fashion dress you could find from there. They are trending and gorgeous to wear!!. Range size from small to the large one, Feelingirldress now offering Wholesale Maxi Dress just for you.  

I also feel hard to choose the best one for me. Just wish i can buy all of them for me. Finally i choosed Minimalist V Neck Maxi Dress Tie Waist Big Size Nice Quality..

Minimalist V Neck Maxi Dress Tie Waist Big Size Nice Quality

Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 Wholesale Fashion Dresses

Take your style to the next level by adding this Minimalist V Neck Maxi Dress Tie Waist Big Size Nice Quality to your closet.

It Features :- 

  1. V-neck style lends classic flair to your overall looks
  2. 3/4 sleeve adds glamorous appeal to your dressy wardrobe
  3. Detailed with an adjustable waist tie for optimal fit and flair
  4. Longer length is suitable for a variety of occasions.
  5. Material : 94%Polyester+6%Spandex
  6. Saiz : S – 3XL
Beside that, we can find bandage dress here. Right now, they are also offering Wholesale Bandage Dress.. They are awesome to wear!!! I also find one which is so gorgeous to wear which is Green Split Cape Off Shoulder Bandage Dress Maxi Length Feminine..

Green Split Cape Off Shoulder Bandage Dress Maxi Length Feminine

Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 Wholesale Fashion Dresses

Inspire beauty and grace with the Green Split Cape Off Shoulder Bandage Dress Maxi Length Feminine and it will have you lookin' so hot you'll burn up the dance floor.

It Features :-

  1. Show your back skin through the backless design
  2. Off shoulder embodies your clavicle and brings a lady look
  3. The zipper is designed to make it easier for you to wear it
  4. The split design on the back is the finishing touch to this dress.
  5. Material : 90%Rayon+9%Nylon+1%Spandex
  6. Saiz : S - L 

Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 Wholesale Fashion Dresses

There are a lot more fashion dress we can find here in Feelingirldress. From plain, flowers, abstract and a lot more for you to choose. Choose according to your own taste and buy as much as you can!!! So what are you waiting for, quick buy all for you at the best price and make them all as your own collections. 

Dont forget to check out Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020!!

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Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer Make Your Dream Body Shape Come True

Friday, August 7, 2020

Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer Make Your Dream Body Shape Come True | There are so many factors that can determine our body shape : genetics, lifestyle, sex and age. Some people can eat fried foods and junk every day but never gain weight. Some people tend to accumulate weight around the hip, others on the belly.

Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer

It might be a bit of a throwback compared to what we are told today, but the most desirable female body shape is one with a “low waist-to-hip ratio” or what is termed an “hourglass figure”. From now on you don't have to worry, get the best shapewear bodysuit and waist trainer from feelingirldress.

Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer

The bodysuit shapewear helps you to look elegant and gorgeous with style. It will shape all the untidy areas on your body. The bodysuit helps to stretch the area and help to be in shape. Bodysuits are close-fitting undergarments.  You may choose the best body shaper that gives you an amazing look from

The waist trainer. 

The waist trainer function compresses the mid area to reduce the belly size. It helps to reduce your weight with perfect exercise. Waist trainer also supports the back pain and keeps straight to the back. If you are looking for hourglass physique, the waist trainer is simply the answer. If you do exercise daily with the help of a waist trainer then you will see marvelous results immediately. You can buy your Feelingirldress waist trainer with several designs also from

For me i choose this style..

Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer

In feelingirldress store, all the material is designed with excellent quality materials. It is important to ensure the maintaining the shape of your body. It will result in an incredible appearance to your body. We surely will help you to make you look slim and stylish. offers more shapewear with plus size shapewear bodysuits for you to choose.

Feelingirldress Best Shapeware Bodysuit and Waist Trainer

With feelingirldress, it makes your dream body shape come true.

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Menang RM3,000 Duit Raya Bersama SofeaRose

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Wow, Menang RM3,000 Duit Raya Bersama SofeaRose! |  Jom hilangkan rasa bosan sepanjang tempoh #dudukrumah dengan peluang memenangi RM500 untuk 6 bulan dari SofeaRose ni! Fuh, macam keluarkan duit KWSP dah, dapat RM500 untuk 6 bulan berturut-turut, RM3,000 kalau dijumlahkan!

Menang RM3,000 Duit Raya Bersama SofeaRose

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Jam Tangan Cantik Dari Blogger Roxalynne

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jam Tangan Cantik Dari Blogger Roxalynne  |  Dah kenapa sehari dua ni asyik bercerita tentang jam tangan jerk.. Baru-baru ni up entry Tip Memilih Jam Tangan Sesuai... Kali ni Jam Tangan Cantik dari Blogger Roxalynne pulak.. Hehe.. Ok, sabar dulu.. Sebenarnya kali ni aku nak cerita tentang hadiah kemenangan aku berkat join Giveaway Yes 2017 By Roxalynne akhir tahun lepas.. Hadiahnya dah selamat aku terima awal bulan ni.. Cuma aku aje tak sempat nak up entry.. 

sumber :

Ehhh jangan salah sangka.. Bukan jam tangan ni yang aku dapat.. hehe.. Jap lagi aku tunjuk ye.. Masa mula-mula join giveaway tu, aku tak rasa pun aku boleh menang sebab agak ramai juga peserta yang join.. Jadi, aku tak letak harapan langsung untuk menang.. Tetapi, bila dah tertulis rezeki tu untuk kita kan, memang akan dapat jugak.. Alhamdulillah.. TQ ALLAH.. TQ Cik CT.. 

Yeahhh inilah rupa hadiah jam tangan yang aku menangi itu.. Cantik tak? Hehe.. Kalau korang nak tahu, Blogger Roxalynne atau aku panggil dengan panggilan manjanya Cik CT ada membuka bisness online menjual jam tangan.. Banyak gila kot jam tangan yang dijual.. Pelbagai bentuk, pelbagai design dan perlbagai warna.. Cantik-cantik baq hang!!

Kalau korang tengah mencari jam tangan yang sesuai untuk korang ataupun korang nak carikan hadiah buat seseorang, boleh lah terjah IG Cik CT.. Banyak pilihan jam tangan yang boleh korang pilih.. Insyaallah, harga memang murah dan berpatutan.. Layanan memang tiptop, sangat friendly.. Hiks.. Dan, kalau ada yang masih konfius untuk mencari jam tangan yang sesuai, boleh tengok tips memilih jam tangan sesuai di SINI ye.. Mungkin dapat membantu korang dalam memilih jam yang sesuai.. 

Untuk sebarang pembelian atau pertanyaan, sila layari :-



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Butik Lanafira Menawarkan Busana Muslimah Yang Trendy

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Butik Lanafira Menawarkan Busana Muslimah Yang Trendy  | Kalau ikutkan dulu-dulu agak susah untuk mencari pakaian muslimah yang boleh menepati citarasa sendiri... Mana taknya, dulu tak banyak butik yang dibuka menjual pakaian muslimah berbanding sekarang.. Kalau ada pun, tak mempunyai banyak pilihan.. Seiring dengan peredaran zaman, kini kesedaran wanita muslimah dalam menutup aurat dengan busana yang mengikut syariah semakin mendapat perhatian.. Justeru itu,  kini terdapat banyak butik muslimah telah dibuka yang menawarkan busana muslimah yang trendy termasuklah Butik Lanafira..

butik muslimah, pakaian muslimah, butik online, lanafira, butik lanafira, butik muslimah trendy

Adakah anda sedang mencari busana muslimah yang trendy tetapi mengikut syariat Islam? Adakah anda mahukan butik online muslimah yang menghargai anda sebagai pelanggan dan mempunyai pelbagai pilihan mengikut citarasa anda? Dengan berslogankan "A Style For Every Story", Butik Lanafira dapat memenuhi segala kehendak dan memenuhi citarasa anda... Kini, Butik Lanafira semakin mendapat tempat dikalangan peminat fesyen muslimah.. Jom kenali Lanafira lebih dekat..

Lanafira merupakan sebuah syarikat bumiputera yang berpengkalan di Malaysia dan telah mencipta kejayaan yang besar di pasaran Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara... Butik muslimah ini menawarkan pelbagai busana muslimah yang direka mengikut fesyen terkini dan trendy dijual secara online.. Lanafira juga lebih mengkhususkan busana muslimah yang berkualiti tinggi bagi memastikan setiap pelanggannya mendapat kepuasan 100%.. Kini, wanita Islam lebih mudah untuk mendapatkan busana muslimah dengan adanya Butik Lanafira dan boleh bergaya dengan rekaan yang mengikut syariat..

Trendy, Affordable & Quality adalah misi Lanafira dalam memenuhi keperluan berpakaian wanita Islam di seluruh Malaysia malahan dalam meluaskan perniagaan dan jenamanya ke pasaran antarabangsa dengan memfokuskan kepada kualiti dan nilai busana yang dihasilkan.. Lanafira adalah sebuah butik dalam talian yang bermatlamat menghasilkan pakaian yang berkualiti tinggi dengan menawarkan harga yang berpatutan malahan paling rendah berbanding yang lain dan menyediakan perkhidmatan secara online yang mesra pengguna..

Kenapa Perlu Pilih Lanafira?

Lanafira memahami keperluan pelanggannya dan mampu menyediakan pelbagai pilihan pakaian dan aksesori muslimah mengikut kehendak dan citarasa pelanggan berbanding di tempat yang lain.. Dengan kepelbagaian jenis pakaian muslimah seperti kurung moden, kebaya, dress, peplum dan pelbagai aksesori yang lain, semuanya mengikut gaya trendy masa kini.. Paling penting ianya menepati tuntutan syariat Islam... Kan lebih manis dengan gaya yang trendy tetapi menepati syariat Islam.. Baru lah awesome... Tak gitu..!

Apa Yang Ada Di Lanafira?

Ok, di Butik Lanafira korang boleh dapatkan pelbagai jenis busana muslimah yang cantik-cantik dan fesyennya mengikut trend terkini.. Jom kite lihat antara koleksi pakaian muslimah yang ada di Butik Lanafira ini..

Antara yang ditawarkan di Lanafira ialah Blouse & Tops, Kebaya Modern, Long Dress, Modern Peplum dan Skirt Labuh... Lanafira juga memperkenalkan rekaan eksklusif seperti koleksi Mellisa Long Dress dan Alana Kebaya selain daripada Sofea Modern Peplum dan Pucci Long Dress.. Setiap rekaan yang ditampilkan dihiasi dengan pelbagai variasi warna mengikut trend semasa..

Busana muslimah yang terdapat di Lanafira ini boleh digayakan dalam pelbagai keadaan.. Untuk kemajlis-majlis tertentu mahupun ke pejabat.. Bagi korang yang tengah mencari busana muslimah untuk majlis-majlis atau mungkin juga ada yang ingin buat koleksi baju ke pejabat, bolehlah cuba usha di Butik Online Lanafira ni.. Aku yakin korang akan menyukai fesyen yang diketengahkan oleh Lanafira..

Untuk mendapatkan busana muslimah yang trendy, berkualiti dan selesa untuk dipakai, korang bolehlah membeli belah di Lanafira sekarang..

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Shopping Blouse Muslimah Moden Di Zalora

Friday, September 8, 2017

Shopping Blouse Muslimah Moden Di Zalora  |  Baru-baru ni mood rajin tiba-tiba datang menyinggah.. Habis semua almari pakaian aku selongkar dan kemas.. Eh, bila dah kemas dan asingkan pakaian yang aku dah tak nak pakai lagi (ibarat habis madu sepah dibuang.. haha!!), rupanya koleksi baju aku yang masih boleh dipakai dah menyusut.. Patutlah aku rasa macam asyik dok ulang pakai baju yang sama aje sebelum ni.. Hurmm, jadi, aku pun berhasratlah untuk menambah koleksi baju aku terutamanya blouse.. Sejak dah berkeluarga ni, aku lebih selesa mengenakan blouse berbanding t-shirt... Memandangkan aku seorang yang berhijab, maka blouse yang menjadi pilihan aku adalah blouse muslimah moden.. Banyak juga online shop yang dah aku terjah untuk mencari blouse muslimah ni dan aku dah jatuh hati dengan koleksi blouse di Zalora.. Jom ikut aku shopping blouse muslimah moden di Zalora...

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Shopping Blouse Muslimah Moden Di Zalora

Sebenarnya aku dah beberapa kali juga pernah bershopping di Zalora Malaysia ni.. Setakat ni perkhidmatan yang diberikan sangat memuaskan.. Tak kiralah dari segi kualiti barangan, servis penghantaran mahupun harga... Sebab itulah, kali ni aku kembali untuk bershopping di Zalora... Ok, kalau korang nak tahu, di Zalora Malaysia, terdapat pelbagai jenis Women Blouse dengan design yang menarik dan cantik yang boleh korang pilih mengikut citarasa masing-masing.. Memandangkan aku mencari blouse muslimah moden, makanya carian aku hanyalah tertumpu kepada blouse muslimah sahaja.. Hehe.. Kalau korang nak tengok koleksi blouse yang lain, korang kenalah terjah sendiri nanti ye.. Apa-apa pun jom tengok koleksi blouse muslimah moden yang cantik-cantik di Zalora Malaysia.. 

Wafiyya by Dollscarf...  Annura Blouse ini bercirikan peplum labuh sesuai untuk wanita muslimah.. Ini adalah salah satu blouse yang menjadi pilihan aku sebab blouse ni labuh dan menutupi bahagian 'belakang'... hiks... Pernahlah juga berangan nak memakai blouse peplum sebelum ni, tetapi banyak yang singkat.. Jadi aku kuburkan hasrat itu.. Bila dah terjumpa peplum yang labuh macam ni, haruslah aku grab sehelaikan... Sesuai dipadankan dengan skirt labuh.. Wahhh terlebih ayu lah pulak nanti yek!!! Jom tengok koleksi yang lain pula..

Aqeela Muslimah Wear... Overall Top.. Blouse ni lebih simple dan santai... Kalau korang suka yang simple dan santai, aku recommend sangat blouse ni.. Aku pun suka!!  Bolehlah pakai semasa bersantai dengan keluarga.. Takde lah rasa rimas sangatkan.. Yang penting keselesaan semasa hangout dengan anak-anak.. Kita masukkan dalam wishlist cepat-sepat ye... Huhu..

MsDahlia... Haura Tunic... Yeahhh aku berkenan sekali dengan blouse ni... Blouse yang aku cari-cari.. Sesuai untuk dipakai ke majlis-majlis keramaian dan boleh bergaya sakan dengannya.. Boleh juga dipakai untuk ketempat kerja.. Labuh, sopan dan cantik... Itulah ciri-ciri yang ada pada blouse ni.. Cewahhh.. Korang tak merah mata ke tengok blouse ni?? Rugi tak grab tau...!!

Najjah.. Ayana Top dan Denim Tweed Top.. Aku dah masukkan dalam wishlist aku blouse yang berwarna kelabu tu.. Denim Tweed Top... Minat sangat dengan designnya.. Simple tapi menarik.. Paling penting breastfeeding friendly... Ada zip di depannya.. Sangat sesuai untuk ibu yang sedang menyusu... Jadi, ibu yang sedang menyusu jom pakat-pakat beli blouse cantik ni...

Orite yang ni pula dari 2 butik berbeza.. Dua disebelah kiri dari butik Soonaru Muslimah dan 2 lagi disebelah kanan dari  butik Qasaya... Kedua-dua design blouse ini ada daya tarikan tersendiri yang membuatkan aku tak teragak-agak untuk memasukkannya dalam senarai koleksi blouse aku.. Hehe.. Ayana Blouse dari Soonaru Muslimah, designnya nampak lebih moden manakala Katy Printed Blouse dari Qasaya pula, nampak lebih sweet.... 

OMG!! Banyaknya pilihan blouse muslimah moden di Zalora Malaysia... Yang mana satu harus aku pilih.. ?? Semuanya dah aku masukkan dalam wishlist aku.. Takan nak beli semua kot.. Rabak poket ohh!! Haha.. Jadi aku kena buat pilihan yang tepat... Beginilah aku bila dah menjamu mata di Zalora... Boleh rambang mata jadinya.. Kalau diikutkan hati, semuanya aku nak beli.. Tapi memandangkan aku dah buat bajet untuk shopping blouse ni, kenalah ikut bajet kan.. Boros itu amalan syaitonnnnn...!!

Oklah, aku nak bertenang sebentar sebelum aku membuat pilihan terakhir yang mana aku nak beli.. Jadi, kalau korang pun berminat untuk mendapatkan blouse muslimah, korang bolehlah terjah laman web Zalora ye sebabnya terdapat banyak lagi sebenarnya koleksi blouse muslimah yang boleh didapati daripada Zalora Malaysia ni... Selain pilihan yang banyak, harga pun sangat berpatutan... Bagi yang belum pernah bershopping di Zalora Malaysia tu, lepas ni bolehlah try shopping di Zalora.. Rasakan sendiri pengalaman bershopping dengan menikmati perkhidmatan yang terbaik diberikan buat korang... 

Aku sudah!! Korang bila lagi?? 

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Handbag William Inghem Dari Mizzue Malaysia Pelengkap Gaya

Friday, August 18, 2017

Handbag William Inghem Dari Mizzue Malaysia Pelengkap Gaya  |  Kalau bercerita pasal handbag ni, memang kaum wanita la paling excited kan.... Handbag dengan wanita tak dapat dipisahkan.. Hah gituuu!!.. Yelah, bila nak bergaya, kalau tak de handbag memang rasa tak lengkap aje gaya kita sebagai seorang wanita kan.. Aku yakin setiap wanita mesti ada paling sikit pun satu atau dua handbag untuk digayakan kemana-mana sahaja.. Macam aku sendiri, memang mempunyai banyak koleksi handbag.. Tak puas kalau ada satu atau dua sahaja.. Mesti nak ada lebih baru boleh tukar-tukar pakai.. Haha!! Tamak kan.. Hehe.. Ok, untuk menambahkan lagi koleksi handbag aku, kali ni aku pilih pula handbag William Inghem dari Mizzue Malaysia sebagai pelengkap gaya aku... Tu dia, tambah lagi koleksi hokeh!! Jangan jeles... Haha!!

Nampak tak dimuka itu terpancar sinar bahagia bila dapat tukar handbag baru... hehe.. Korang pernah dengar tak jenama Mizzue ni? Sebelum aku tunjukkan kat korang design handbag Mizzue aku ni, aku nak cerita sikit kat korang tentang Mizzue Malaysia.. Apa itu Mizzue Malaysia?


Mizzue Malaysia adalah satu jenama online shopping dimana kita boleh membeli pelbagai jenis beg seperti clutches, wallet and purse, handbag, shoulder bag, across body bag, backpack, leather bag dan sebagainya... Design beg dari Mizzue Malaysia ni semuanya up to date tau mengikut trend sekarang... Simple tetapi tetap elegant... Sesuai untuk semua golongan.. Kalau nak diikutkan memang rambang mata tak tahu nak pilih yang mana kalau jelajah di website Mizzue Malaysia tu.. Dengan adanya online shopping sebegini, tak perlu dah bersusah payah nak ke shopping mall untuk beli handbag.. Hanya perlu pilih beg yang berkenan dihati, buat bayaran dan tunggu saja barang sampai depan muka pintu rumah.. Mudahkan.. Lagi pun korang tak perlu risau, setiap beg akan disertakan detail lengkap beserta gambar yang membolehkan korang tahu spesifikasi beg tersebut dengan lebih jelas.. Ada juga sesetengahnya disertakan video.. Jadi bolehlah korang lihat dengan lebih jelas kualiti beg yang korang pilih tu kan.. 

Ok, jom tengok design beg pilihan aku...

mizzue malaysia, handbag mizzue, mizzue william inghem
Handbag William Inghem Dari Mizzue Pelengkap Gaya
Inilah handbag dari Mizzue yang menjadi pilihan aku tu.. William Inghem Brown colour... Banyak lagi sebenarnya yang cantik-cantik tapi aku lebih meminati design ini kerana designnya agak menarik dimata aku.. Bahagian depan dan belakang handbag ni bercorak anyaman.... Menarik!! Saiz handbag ni tak terlalu kecil dan tak terlalu besar... Sedang-sedang aje saiznya.. Kalau diukur, handbag ini sebesar saiz A4... Menepati citarasa aku.. Walaupun bersaiz A4, tapi masih mampu mengisi banyak barang tau.. Haaa itu yang aku suka.. Biasa kalau aku pilih handbag, mesti nak yang banyak compartment supaya aku boleh bahagi-bahagikan tempat untuk simpan handphone, make up, buku bank dan pelbagai lagi... Tak de la berlonggok satu tempat aje kan.. Nanti nak mencari mula la kelam kabut dan agak susah..

Eceli handbag ni diperbuat daripada premium PU leather yang mempunyai 3 compartment dengan dilengkapi button magnetic dan 2 button popper... Di bahagian luar handbag ini dihiasi dengan 4 poket berzip.. Manakala dibahagian dalam ruang utama beg ini dilengkapi dengan zip dan slip poket di dinding dalamannya.. Ciri-ciri yang menarik dan lengkap bagi sebuah handbag yang aku suka.. Oh ye, satu lagi aku lebih suka pakai handbag yang bertali panjang dan handbag dari Mizzue Malaysia ni disertakan sekali dengan tali panjang untuk penggayaan lebih santai... Jom tengok ciri-ciri yang ada pada handbag Willian Inghem ni dengan lebih detail melalui gambar dibawah ni..

Untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas lagi spesifikasi beg ini, korang boleh klik link Video Mizzue William Inghem ini.. Handbag William Inghem ni didatangkan dalam pelbagai warna yang menarik sebenarnya.. Bukanlah hanya satu warna ini sahaja.. Antara warna-warna lain yang ada seperti black, almond, purple, grey dan turquiose...

Dengan pilihan warna yang menarik

Detail William Inghem
  • Bag Category : Cross body bags, Handbags, Shoulder bags, Woven bag
  • Colours : Brown
  • Specifications : Hidden bag, Mobile bag, Passport bag
  • Materials : Halal, PU
  • Size (W x L x H) : 13.5 x 28 x 26 cm
  • Shoulder Strap : 40 - 46 cm
  • Cross body Strap : 75 - 87 cm
  • Weight : 0.97 kg
Mizzue Malaysia

 3 compartment bagi keselesaan muatan barangan

 Bahagian dalam bag

Poket berzip di ruang utama bag

Mungkin dilihat pada gambar yang aku up ni tak berapa nak jelas kan keadaan beg ni.. So, mari kita lihat video pendek yang dah aku sediakan untuk korang lihat keseluruhan beg ni.. Video tanpa suara ye.. Ahakz.. Atau korang boleh klik SINI untuk lihat video kedua.. Wahh banyak betul video aku buat untuk Mizzue Malaysia ni yek.. Hehe...

Orite, tentang Mizzue Malaysia pun aku dah story... Tentang handbag William Inghem ni pun aku dah cerita kat korang.. Kesimpulannya, aku sangat suka dan berpuashati dengan handbag dari Mizzue Malaysia ni.. Walaupun memilihnya secara online, bila sampai ke tangan kualitinya seperti di dalam gambar dan sangat trendy.. Paling best banyak compartment... Itulah salah satu ciri-ciri beg yang aku minati.. So, bolehlah aku ber-OOTD time Raya Haji nanti kan walaupun dah terrrrrguna untuk pergi kerja.. Haha..!!

Untuk pemilihan warna pula, aku memilih warna Brown sebabnya kebanyakan koleksi beg aku adalah berwarna hitam.. Kali ni nakkan sedikit kelainan dengan mengenakan handbag berwarna Brown dan dengan warna ini masih senang dimatchkan dengan pelbagai warna pakaian... So, tak perlu risau untuk bergaya dengan handbag ni nanti... Hiks..

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Oklah, bagi korang-korang diluar sana yang ingin bergaya dan melaram dengan beg Mizzue dihari raya aidiladha nanti ataupun untuk melengkapkan outfit seharian korang dengan handbag ini, bolehlah terjah link kat bawah ni ye.. Aku yakin korang akan berpuashati dengan design dan kualiti yang ada pada handbag Mizzue Malaysia ni.. Harga pun berpatutan uolls.. Setandingan dengan kualiti yang ada pada begnya..

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