How to Save More Money for Your House Deposit

How to Save More Money for Your House Deposit  |  Before buying a house, you may need to use loan calculator to calculate the loan that you might be able to get. You may also need to find alternative for your house deposit if you cannot get a higher loan. Saving for a house deposit does not have to be a tiring and lengthy torment. However, it requires discipline and a well-executed strategy in order to achieve your target savings. It is getting harder and harder to save a house deposit and purchase your first property since the property prices keep rising. Here are few tips on how to save for a house deposit fast.

How to Save More Money for Your House Deposit

1. Be Smart with Your Money

You have to be wise with your money. Do not force yourself to live just above the poverty line, but do not be silly with your spending either. Cut down on the things you do not need to buy, and where you do not care about brands buy the cheaper version. A little goes a long way, save enough of these little amounts and it all adds up. So be smart with your money by saving on the unnecessary things that do not concern you, and putting the extra saving aside for your home loan.

2. Take It Straight Out of Your Pay

This principle should be applied to save for your home deposit. Do not try to live for the entire month and then save what is left, save your money as soon as you get paid and then live off the rest, stretching it as far as you can. If you live first and save later, you will find you run out of money before you get a chance to save, but if you save first then you will find that you can stretch to live off the remainder.

3. Downgrade Your Car

Most couples own two cars, or at least one pretty nice car. Little do they know their car could be the deposit for their property. The value of the car is depreciating and over time it costs you a bucket load of money to run such as insurance, registration, maintenance and petrol all cost money. If you can live with one car instead of two then you could sell one of your cars and put the money you make into your home savings account.

4. Spend Money on Non-Depreciating Assets

Most of us sped all of our money on things where their value either disappears or depreciates in value. For example that computer you bought for $1,000 2 years ago is now probably worth $300 or less. The new Game Player or PlayStation you paid full price for is probably worth half of what you paid for it if you sold it. Therefore, try to buy things that retain their value such as gold. The point here is to still have fun spending things, but buy things that hold their value that you can resell when it is time to buy a house.

5. Encourage Your Spouse to be a Part of The Saving Process

There is always one person who takes care of the money between one couple. That person is the “budgeter” in the relationship. Normally the budgeter will organize the money, but the other person is the one who spends the money on a day to day level. If you can get your spouse a part of the saving process then you can save your deposit so much faster. It might be worth to track how much they are saving on the shopping, so that they can see their contribution to the deposit.

6. Save Your Marriage and Go on a Holiday

Holidays are usually an enormous expense and hence when you are saving for a deposit you will want to simply cancel holidays out of the picture. Be careful, because that may not be good for your marriage or relationship. A healthy relationship always encourages the saving along, because there is less stress placed on money as the more stress you put on the relationship the more fights over money you will have. Holidays are just one way to help avoid this pressure during this difficult period of your life. In alternative, you can do holidays on the cheap. There are loads of caravan parks in beautiful settings, or luxury resorts at 70% off on sites like Lastminute or Expedia. This way, you can enjoy your holiday with your spouse and family on the cheap.

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