The Best Staycation in Singapore

The best staycation in Singapore | It's been a while since our last vacation. Especially nowadays we are facing pandemic covid-19, we are a bit worried about going to crowded places. It is just the matter how we comply to SOP. That is the most important thing nowadays.

Actually we still can go on holiday. We can spend time with family, enjoy bathing together in the hotel's swimming pool, workout in the gym, make sand castles at the beach, as long the hotel is not too overcrowded with people and they comply to COVID-19 SOP. We also can reduce our stress from our daily routines.

In Malaysia, tourism places such as Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and Pulau Pangkor are nice places to go since they are quite far from busy areas.

The best staycation in Singapore

Singapore also has many interesting places for us to visit. Wanna know some interesting places in Singapore? Let us watch out some interesting places for our staycation Singapore

3 greatest staycation places in Singapore:

1. M Social Singapore

The best staycation in Singapore

Just taking a look at the hotel buildings already makes us excited to stay right?

M Social Singapore is a popular hotel in Singapore. You want to know why I suggested this hotel? In this hotel, it has many facilities such as, swimming pool, gymnasium, snooker and many more facilities which we can spend our quality time together with our family members. This can match our preferences especially during  pandemic covid-19 if we feel unsafe to do outdoor activities.

For those who prefer to do outdoor activities, don't worry. There are many interesting places surrounding this hotel that we can visit such as Orchard Road, Chinatown, Sand Skypark Observation Deck, Singapore Flyer and many more. All we need to do is just ensure that we comply with Pandemic Covid-19 SOP. So what are you waiting for? Let's book a stay in M Social Hotel Singapore for this year's vacation.

2. Shangri-La Singapore

The best staycation in Singapore

What is so interesting about this hotel is their decorations. It is using an antique touch atmosphere  to decorate their rooms. It's seriously awesome!

In this Shangri-La Singapore, it is located in a 15 acres tropical garden. That is the factor that made this hotel is so special. Other than that, as I said before, the decorations in their room are so interesting especially in their beds. It's so unique which made it an attraction for tourists to stay here. During your stay here, if you also feel unsafe to do outdoor activities during this pandemic time, you can just do so many activities in this hotel as it provides many facilities such as tennis court, library, spa and many more. This hotel also provided areas for children to play with their family members. 

The best staycation in Singapore

If you are thinking about food, don't worry, there are 7 restaurants here which offer a variety of food which you can choose. They serve food from Japan, Italy, China, Singapore and many more so that you can choose everything that you wish to eat.  

3. Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview

The best staycation in Singapore

Riverview Awesome..

What makes this hotel so special is it surrounded by the river.

The swimming pool here is also provided with cabana. Not even just that, this hotel also provided with all basic facilities which we can use during our stay here. We can also visit some interesting places around here such as Great World City, Amped Trampoline Park, Fort Canning Park and many more.

The best staycation in Singapore

Room offered here is also so comfortable and luxurious with decorations that use natural color. So it may help us to release our tensions. This hotel also serves international and Chinese cuisine , where you can enjoy your food casually with your family members.

So there are 3 hotels in Singapore you can choose for your staycation. They are among popular hotels in Singapore which get positive feedback from their customers who stayed in these hotels.

What are you waiting for!!!. Let's plan your vacation to singapore and create a memorable moment with your family members there!!!

You can booking hotel by using Traveloka because it offered so many hotels according to your preferences. Don't waste your time, quickly book your hotel before it is fully booked.! Good luck and happy holiday guys!

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  1. Kak Sue belum pernah sampai sini lagi.. isnyaAllah satu hari nanti..

  2. Lama tak pi bercuti.. Singapore zaza blm pernah jejak lagi..entah bila blh merasa jalan sana..tgk hotel pun lawa2..

  3. M Social hotel tu nampak menarik
    . Berapa rm agaknya hrga semalam tu

  4. Teringin nak p singapore.. Bnayak tempat menarii.. Bila jadi macam ni alahai sedihnyaa la.. Bila daat lergi agaknyaa.. Traveloka memg nad selalu guna kalau nak pergi bercuti

  5. Rindu dah travel walaupun kat singapore tp sekarang PKP kenalah tggu bila line clear

  6. Dulu peenah stay Singapore ikut ayah bertugas di sana. Lepas tu lama dah tak jejak kaki kat Singapore. Nanti nak pergi Singapore one day

  7. Dah 2 kali pergi Singapore tapi tak pernah bermalam disana, lepas ni bolelah rancang untuk stay pulak menarik juga ni

  8. Wah! kita pun teringin nak pergi singapura, nanti covid dah selesai nak pergi travel juga.

  9. Moga ada rezeki ke singapura nanti.


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