Best Florist That You Can Count On - A Better Florist

Monday, April 16, 2018

Best Florist That You Can Count On - A Better Florist  |  With so many flower shops in Malaysia, you’re either always going for the one that’s closest to you or constantly wasting time searching for a new one. Either you’re settling for what you can get fast or you’re always stressing about where you’re going to find that ideal flower bouquet or fruit basket. A Better Florist is the solution to it all. You can rely on them in every single aspect, as they are definitely the best flower delivery you will find out there. From creative and bespoke flowers and hampers, to the fastest and most reliable Malaysia flower delivery, you’ll be so surprised by it all, and in a good way.   

A Better Florist originated from Singapore. They opened up the doors to their flower shop for the first time in Singapore, selling flowers Singapore has never seen before; luxurious, gorgeous, fresh and at a very cheap price. After great success they expanded and opened up a flower delivery Hong Kong loves, a very successful UAE flower delivery and finally the best flowers delivery in Malaysia.   

If you love online shopping, visit their website, and scroll through their collections. You will find their signature creations at all times on their website, but you will also see seasonal or holiday creations they offer, such as Valentine’s Day flowers. They don’t go overboard with options so it’s easy and quick to find what you need, whether it’s funeral flowers KL needs, or even grand opening flowers, hand bouquets, pampering bundles, hampers, or their fruit basket everyone loves.   

You can order what they already have, if you’re in a hurry, or you feel that the bouquet will work for you, or you can ask them to create something unique for you. Whether it’s funeral flowers or anniversary flowers, or a new born baby hamper. Although there are plenty of options right now, if you are the creative type you’re going to enjoy creating your own get well soon hamper and taking your gifts to the next level.   

But one of the things that definitely set them apart from every flower shop in Malaysia, but also every flower delivery HK has or flower delivery Dubai has, is that they have a free, same day flower delivery that you can count on every day. You don’t have to be bothered by time or deadlines, because you can make a phone call and these guys will take care of it all for you. It’s free and they can get anywhere, so you don’t have to rush and do it yourself. I think this makes them the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, and it may be one of the reasons, the greatest reason, that they are considered the best florist in HK with a flower delivery Hong Kong raves about constantly.   

If you’re in Malaysia or have friends and family who love flowers and need a more convenient flower shop, feel free to recommend A Better Florist. They won’t be disappointed.