Get A Limited Edition Of Reusable Bag

Monday, December 18, 2017

Get A Limited Edition Of Reusable Bag   | You better watch out, you better not cry, because there’s plenty of shopping left to do! Yes, the jams are crazy and the last-minute Christmas shopping crowd? Even crazier! Are your feet aching and your mind in a daze with the array of choices you see? Then it’s time to get yourself properly hydrated and juiced up again, before you head back into the melee of shoppers!  

In conjunction with this merry season, Juice Works whipped up a special, sparkly red drink! To us, it epitomises all the goodness, happiness and sweet excitement this time of year brings. Juice Works hope the very name itself sends a happy tingle, for it’s called, 'Honey, it's Christmas!'.

An icy smoothie mixed with the juices of honey dew, plum, strawberries, lemon, and the seasonal additions of dried mulberry and ruby-red pomegranate, this little concoction is only available from Nov 6 till Jan 1, 2018!   

With tonnes of anti-oxidants to zap those nasty free radicals from your body, and chockfuls of vitamin C, fibre, folate and potassium, this is one goodness your body really needs during this hectic and exciting season.  

What’s more, for every RM20 you spend at Juice Works, you get a stamp from us. Collect 5 of these stamps, and you’ll get a limited edition reusable bag (yes, very handy for more shopping). This special offer is valid till Jan 31 of the upcoming year, or till stocks last.  

Oh! Not forgetting that it’s the season for joyful giving, we have also prepared Juice Works cash vouchers (RM10 each) that you can buy and gift to your loved ones. Because we know the best gift sometimes is really just the ‘gift of health’, and what better and easier way to ensure your loved ones get the best nutrients, right?   

On that note, from all of us at Juice Works, thank you for having supported us throughout 2017, and may we wish you a healthy, Merry Christmas and a grand New Year!

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  1. Cantik beg tu..Tapi awat kejap sangat..heheh

  2. Sayangnya kat ganu ni takde kiosk juice work kak huhuhu

  3. Sedapnya jus buah buahan 😁
    Yang best bila ada tawaran best gini

  4. Juice works kiosk ni tak tahu la ada kat sini ke takde hehe

  5. beg tu lawa! tak pernah lagi try juiceworks ni