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Kulit Album Pure Vibration
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Mi Gal - Pure Vibration

give me a one tall of water please,
its been a while me don’t
feel this feelin for so long,
she a took from me boring day,
hold me hand and we dance,
we do the reggae reggae,
the bird is singin singin a long the way…

me gal, lets dancing all the nite,
the trouble left behind now,
lets makin all the dark
nite comes alive..
she love me[8x] me gal
she love me[8x] me gal

she looks so fairy,
[solo man]
queen of lion land,
[solo man]
love and light she have,
wish I had a girl that
always hold me tight,
I wish I had a girl that always colour me life,
Love that we share we can
spread it out,

What’s that in my head,
what`s shining day,
what’s that in my head,
colour shining…

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